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My Nanna

Margaret Wookey

31.3.1914 to 28.9.2007

Funerals with Jules

Firstly, please know that my heart goes out to you for finding yourself looking at this page. I hope that as you read on you find some solace in knowing that you are in good hands and I will look after you as best I can in your time of grief and loss.

I am a calm and loving mother of 2 beautiful teenage children. I have a knack of getting on with people from all walks of life (I believe that a lifetime of extensive worldwide travel has helped with that) and have been often referred to by previous clients as a “breath of fresh air” and a “ray of sunshine”.

I am blessed to be entering my 10th year as a Civil Celebrant, having now conducted over 500 beautiful and unique services for couples and families. I approach every service with the utmost professionalism and always dress accordingly. With my breadth of experience, I will offer you a funeral service that is the perfect blend of warmth and love, brightness and joy…a service that truly reflects the life that your lost loved one has celebrated.

I find the way that every individual lives their life is nothing short of fascinating and even sometimes miraculous…..we are all so different in the way we behave and cope with life’s day to day achievements and challenges. EVERYONE has their own special story to tell and I love hearing all about it……warts and all!......Let me share with you in retelling that story.

I vow to create a funeral service for your loved one that is real and honest with the perfect combination of sensitivity and humour.

Prices range from $400 - $600

Contact me now on either 0416 137 833 or email link below


Hi Jules. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us through such a difficult time. From how quickly you responded to everything, to how closely you looked at everything we sent you to make sure it was correct, to taking the time to search for readings and poems that you thought would suit our Dad. You really went above and beyond for us.

The service was beautiful and exactly how we hoped it would be and since we weren't really even considering the graveside element it would not have been as meaningful without your input. And people probably wouldn't have heard it had you not bought your PA system!

Even though you never met our Dad some people thought you were a friend of the family by how you spoke about him and your lovely demeanour.

We are so glad to have found you.”

Mandy Merlin

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